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What can home automation do for me?

What is home automation?

For those who thought home automation was about having lights turned on and off think again. Today home automation is and can do so much more. Today’s home automation systems allow you to communicate wirelessly with all the devices on your home network system through remotes, voice commands, smartphones and PCs.

But before you add to or invest in a state of the art home automation system there are a few things you need to know about it. Our video shows a few important points for you to consider about home automation.

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The wonder of home automation

Home automation is a process that allows yout to automate and control your home’s electronic devicesm lighting, heating and household appliacnes. Home automation uses electric wiring or wireless technology to connect and communicate with all your devices so you can control your devices through remotes, your smartphone, PC or voice commands.

Choosing the right home automation tech

With so many home automation systems flooding the market it can be difficult to find the right home automation solutions for your home. Controlis offers two of the leading home automations solutions in the market today; INSTEON and Z-Wave .

INSTEON is an award winning home automation technology that offers cost-effective and energy efficient high tech solutions for your home. Motion sensors, wireless mini remotes, magnetic contact sensors, thermostats, LEB bulbs and remotely controlled plug-in relays are just a few products designed by INSTEON for your home.

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats "smart". Z-Wave products "talk" to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet or pc. By using a Z-Wave gateway you can connect to the things inside your house.

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