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Our Team of Home Automation Experts

We explore all the advancements in home automation technologies and look at in a new light. Our team focuses on building home automation solutions that are simple, affordable and cater to your unique situation.

Solutions that think for you

Our fast paced lives are increasingly driven by technology, and with all the “smart” things in our lives that make it a little more manageable – smartphones, smart cars, smart watches – it’s interesting that our homes are still, so well dumb. Fortunately, this is now changing and the innovators are now bring in new home automation technologies that allow all the internet of things and allow everything in your living space to talk to each other seamlessly.

Current advancements in Home Automation allows you to automate your lighting, sound, television, thermostats, door locks and security systems. However the trouble with all these new automation devices and companies is that the solutions they provide tend to be expensive, rigid, and difficult to understand and hardly offer any customisations. This is where Controlis comes to rescue.

Controlis brings leading home automation devices in the market and simplifies the process of identifying, selecting and installing them according to your unique budget and requirements. Whether, you are testing the waters with home automation or have decided to convert your home into a “Jetsons” style smart home. With years of research and testing Our Automation experts have prepared ready to use products that that are easy to install, affordable and can be customised for your unique requirements.

We are excited to make your home smarter, secure and more energy efficient.

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Customer Support: 1300-781-861

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